Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 2 Recap

falcon and winter soldier recap

The second episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is a tale of regret and ignorance. On many levels, our characters are running from something. The reality is they all have to confront some harsh truths. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right in and look at the major player’s individual journeys throughout the episode:

John Walker’s Close Up

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2 Recap: A New Captain America,  and Flag Smashers | NDTV Gadgets 360

With John Walker as the new Cap, he soaks it all in on the football field. He is visited by, who we must assume is his wife and his friend Lemar Hoskins. We later even get a callout to his comic book name, Battlestar. Walker gets introduced to the crowd and gets a Good Morning America interview. Later, John and Lemar hack Redwing to follow Sam and Bucky to fight the Flag Smashers. After losing the skirmish, John tries to appeal to the duo to work together.

Bucky doesn’t take kindly to John at all. His efforts get rebuffed. When Bucky ends up arrested, John bails him out, as he considers him an asset. He once again appeals to Sam and Bucky about working together to no avail. This rejection angers Walker. He warns the two to “stay the hell out of his way.” John Walker seems like the guy who got one promotion and is now calling all the shots. He’s a good soldier, but is he a good man?


Karli Morgenthau and The Flag Smashers

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2 Recap: A New Captain America,  and Flag Smashers | NDTV Gadgets 360

The Flag Smashers are busy moving a bunch of crates around. We learn that they are moving chemicals around. It could connect to the Power Broker and their abilities. After their confrontation with our favorite duo and the new Captain America, they stop at a safe house. Karli gets a text implying that they stole something from the Power Broker, and he is deadset on retrieving it. This sequence makes it clear that she is their leader. As they get ready to fly off to their presumed next attack, they get unexpected visitors. It’s the Power Broker’s men. One of the Smashers sacrifices their life to let the rest escape. We still don’t know who the man in the shadows is, but whoever it is means business.

Sam and Bucky Get Reacquainted

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2 – What Did You Think?!

After Walker’s announcement as Cap, Sam and Torres go off to confront the Flag Smashers. Bucky arrives and complains to Sam about giving up the shield. In Germany, they start learning to work together again. Their encounter with Karli and her team leads to Redwing getting destroyed and their egos hurt. While they’re flying back to the States, Bucky reveals that there’s another super-soldier.

The duo arrives in Baltimore to talk to Isaiah Bradley, the Black Captain America. They’re greeted by what we assume is his grandson, Eli. Isaiah is irritated at Bucky’s appearance and is shaken by remembering what happened in his past. He was sent behind enemy lines to fight Bucky. 

You know what they did to me for being a hero? They put my ass in jail for 30 years. People running tests, taking my blood, coming into my cell.

Bradley painfully says as he angrily shows a bit of that super soldier strength. A powerful scene from Carl Lumbly. He chases both of them out shortly after. 

Understandably Sam is angry upon learning this information now. Bucky reveals that Steve Rogers didn’t know about this either. As this is happening, the cops pull up. They first assume it’s an altercation and ask for Sam’s ID, cue racial profiling. They then both realize that Sam is the Falcon. Unfortunately, Bucky gets arrested as he missed his court-mandated therapy sessions.


Unlikely Therapy Sessions

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Episode 2 Instant Reactions - The Ringer

At the jail, Dr. Raynor appears and holds an impromptu therapy session with the duo. Bucky reveals his aggravation with Sam stems from Sam giving up the shield willingly, claiming that “If he was wrong about you, then maybe he was wrong about me.” Bucky has a ton on his head and heart here. Unshaken, Sam says that he thought this was the right thing to do. The two agree to work together until the problem is solved.

As the episode ends, they decide to visit Zemo in prison, as he may know more about the serum and HYDRA secrets. With this cliffhanger, let’s ask five questions for next week’s episode:

  1. Did the Flag Smashers steal the super soldier serum from the Power Broker, or is he trying to steal it from them? I think the former.
  2. Who’s the Power Broker? Whoever this person is they’re not playing games as they’re hot on the Flag Smashers tail.
  3. We got to know John Walker in a way that wasn’t overt but is there something darker about who he is? We will find out soon enough.
  4. Isaiah Bradley didn’t take too kindly to Bucky and Sam showing up. He figures to be a meaningful part of the series, will he be the motivation Sam needs to be the Captain America we know he can be?
  5. We will finally see Zemo next week. Do we think Sam and Bucky break him out of prison? If so that could cause problems for everybody.

We’re through the first act, and we’ll see how the Falcon and The Winter Soldier continue to lay out their story next week.

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