First Look at ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ New Wasteland Biome Released

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Marvel’s Avengers has been building up to their next character reveal. Hawkeye was the first DLC character to get, and we will finally get to see him in action on next week’s War Table Deep Dive. We already got a glimpse when he briefly joined your squad in a mission from Kate Bishop’s DLC storyline Taking AIM, but it was only the beginning to whet our appetites. Now, Hawkeye will face a desolate future in his original Operation Future Imperfect. As the name implies, it is based on the comic run by the same name. Maestro takes center stage and rules over what remains of humanity in the future. Crystal Dynamics used this opportunity to highlight its first new biome, the Wasteland. Tore and Oscar from their development team offer a few more insights into what we can expect with our first official look at the brand new biome.



Old Man Hawkeye is their main inspiration behind the Wasteland’s designThe spin-off of Old Man Logan revisited the titular hero’s journey throughout a broken and desolate world. The new biome’s design was grey and sandy early on until they decided to embrace the desert’s orange tint. Our first look certainly showcases how beautiful even a deserted world can look with the right color scheme. As teased in Bishop’s storyline, the world gets invaded by the Kree sentry. Some humans were able to take down a few of the Sentry but still got overrun by the alien invaders. If things weren’t bad enough, pollution and tectonic shifts have destroyed almost all life. Only a few humans are holding on for dear life, as nuclear bombs have created new canyons and a barely recognizable landscape



CD highlights that there will be various points of interest that players can check out to explore what happened in the future. A major aspect of the landscape will be the previously-mentioned Kree Sentry that are littered across the landscape. The images certainly show a promising new environment that will add a new spice to the game. Here are some of the screenshots and art work from their Developer Blog that highlights the new environment as we anticipate the reveals from next week’s Deep Dive:


Source: Play Avengers

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