First Look at ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Funko Pops Leak Early

Thor love and thunder funko

It looks like today is just a Thor: Love and Thunder kind of day. After breaking down what we could from the trailer and getting our hands on the synopsis, it seems like the line of Funko Pops for the upcoming film have also dropped one after another. They have seemingly leaked early through popnewws with our first look at Meek, Thor, Valkyrie, and a great one showcasing Gorr using the inherent abilities of his sword, the All-Black Necrosword.

That’s not all, as we also have one of Thor on an Asgardian Tours boat with his two trusty sheep pulling him along. What stands out is that they are seemingly running on the Rainbow Bridge, which he can create with the help of his mighty axe, Stormbreaker.

The Funko’s look great and are definitely going to be must-haves for collectors that are trying to keep their collection alive with every new entry. Gorr’s stands out the most, as it is our first look that the Necrosword still has its strange ability to use a black substance, in the comics it turns out to be related to the symbiote, but it’s unclear just how the MCU may give us a unique twist on that ability. For now, we’ll have to wait until he makes his first appearance in a future trailer.

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