Tom Welling Boards ‘Supernatural’ Prequel, ‘The Winchesters’

Tom Welling has joined the cast of the ‘Supernatural’ prequel series, ‘The Winchesters.’

Tom Welling is returning to the CW. The Winchesters producers and cast were on hand at New York Comic Con over the weekend, where they revealed that Tom Welling has joined the cast of the Supernatural prequel.

Welling is set to play the recurring character of Samuel Campbell, a character played by Mitch Pileggi in Supernatural. He is the father of Mary, played by Meg Donnelly, and is the patriarch of the Campbell Hunting family. He has taught his daughter everything she knows and is said to be a veteran Hunter that prefers actions over words; taking the “his way or the highway” approach to things. This, of course, creates a divide between him and his daughter — one they’ll need to fix when the duo teams up to save the world. Welling will debut as the character in the show’s seventh episode.

“When we were discussing casting the iconic character of Samuel Campbell, everyone felt it had to be someone who could step into the role and provide instant gravitas and history. Jensen and Danneel brought up the idea of Tom Welling and the second his name was mentioned we all knew he was the perfect person for the part. Tom is a fantastic actor and wonderful human, and we are so excited to be welcoming him to The Winchesters and the Supernatural Family.”

Robbie Thompson

The Winchesters hails from the Supernatural trio of Robbie Thompson, Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles. Thompson serves as a writer and showrunner on the series that focuses Dean and Sam Winchester’s parents – John and Mary. Ackles’ Dean narrates the prequel series that is being called an “epic, untold love story of how John met Mary and how they put it all on the line to not only save their love but the entire world.”

The Winchesters will premiere on the CW on Tuesday, October 11th.

Source: Deadline.

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