First Visual for ‘Sonic Origins’ Accidentally Leaks Early

sonic origins

Sonic the Hedgehog is enjoying a renaissance with a new title Sonic Frontier on the horizon that may be our first venture into the open world for the Blue Blur. That’s not all, as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has also released in theaters to quite a lot of fanfare and has become the best performing video game adaptation of all time. Well, it looks like the news isn’t quite over yet as after a rating in South Korea teased a new game titled Sonic Origins, the CDN server of PlayStation accidentally leaked the first visual and logo for the upcoming game compilation. @TailsChannel has shared the first look, which you can check out here:

The visual looks great and really brings back that era of Sonic’s earliest games. It’ll be interesting to see what games end up being included but going by the visual it seems that they will include the original trilogy and Sonic CD. We’re still waiting for the long-rumored Sonic Adventure remakes, as this isn’t the first anthology of the original Sega Genesis games. So, here’s hoping that its release might open up to the other rumored remakes also getting released at some point as well. Still, the visual is great and it’s nice to have a confirmation that this is indeed happening after there were some rumors making the rounds.

Source: Twitter

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