First Set Video of Prime Video’s ‘Fallout’ Series Teases a Familiar Location

fallout set video

The last time we heard anything of the live-action adaptation of Fallout by Amazon Prime Video was back in June when they added Kyle MacLachlan to the cast. While things have gone silent, it seems that they are already setting up some iconic locations from the gaming series for the adaptation. Now, a new video has surfaced teasing the production getting ready to showcase the post-apocalypse with a rather familiar location.

The video is quite short and shared by @frankpappalardo on his TikTok account. While it doesn’t reveal much, it does give us our first look at the series take on the iconic Super Duper Mart, we also see that they are definitely sticking to the traditional dusted version of a post-apocalypse.

It’s great that they are using iconic locations, and it’ll help highlight that this is definitely a Fallout adaptation. The trouble with the amount of post-apocalypse storylines nowadays is that it’s difficult to find a concept that makes you pop. Luckily, the Fallout franchise always had a charm that was uniquely it’s own and perhaps we’ll get more teases of iconic landmarks from the various gaming entries. We still don’t know where in the United States (if at all) that’ll take place. So, future set photos could give us further hints where this entry will take place and if it’s a location familiar to fans of the gaming franchise.

Source: TikTok

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