‘Guardians of Galaxy’ Game First Impressions Praise Action-Packed Gameplay

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After the lengthy showcase of Guardians of the Galaxy at Square-Enix’s E3 showcase, we haven’t heard too much of the upcoming single-player game. Luckily, it seems that the first hands-on experiences have hit the web and offer a glimpse into what the October release has to offer. Most of what we saw early on remains true, as the game is a single-player game that lets you make decisions throughout your experience that may have minor or even bigger implications. Here are some of the highlights shared by content creators and sites on what you can expect from the game.

It seems that there are comparisons being made with Mass Effect. You can interact with your teammates on the Milan that offer some insights into their daily lives and even dynamics. They also react when you make specific decisions and may influence your relationship, but it’s uncertain if it leaves a lasting impact on the linear story. This isn’t an open-world game, but developers are pointing to it taking around 20 hours to complete. As such, you’ll jump from one mission to the next with players getting to visit a Nova Corps outpost.

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There have been some concerns with the combat due to the restriction of you only controlling Peter quill. Well, it seems that it was one of the highlights as you can knee-slide like a rockstar, fly around with your jet boots and shoot enemies with the photo blasters. You can even upgrade them throughout the game and your teammate’s abilities. Yes, you can’t directly control Groot, Rocket, Gamora, or Drax but their abilities are essential for surviving as they offer different approaches. Similar to Devil May Cry, you have a score that only truly goes up if you make good use of teamwork. Funny enough, it also exists in-game as Rocket built it into Star-Lords visor.

As the game is inspired by James Gunn, you’ll also have iconic songs playing, such as Wham and Blondie being available in this test mission. There are some risks with the comparisons as the Guardians franchise has been newly cemented by the director, but the game seems to try to take its own spin on the concept. The game is eyeing a release on October 26th and looks like a fun addition to the Marvel gaming library.

If you are interested to check out some footage, you can watch IGN’s preview of the game which includes footage from the mission:

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