SDCC: Marvel Studios President on Ryan Gosling’s Interest to Play Ghost Rider

mcu ryan gosling

San Diego Comic-Con has come to a close with a bombastic ending by Marvel Studios. They took Hall H by storm by not only announcing Phase 5 but surprising many with the Avengers films that will end the current era of Multiverse films. It was a sweeping reveal and afterward, everyone used their change to ask Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige whatever question they could.

Among them, Josh Horowitz got a chance to ask him for MTV News if he’s heard about Ryan Gosling‘s interest in playing Ghost Rider. After there were rumors he might be joining another project, such as Nova, the actor swiftly denounced any such casting but shared with Horowitz he would love to tackle the Ghost of Vengeance. Feige was only excited knowing that Gosling was interested and is open to find a spot for him in the MCU.

Gosling is unbelievable. Ryan is amazing. I’d love to find a place for him in the MCU.

Kevin Feige

OF course, he doesn’t reveal if talks have ever taken place but it does seem like something Feige would be excited to have happened. They already started adding quite a few legacy actors to their projects. So, finding the right role for Gosling would be something they wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Source: Twitter

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