Disney+’s MCU Library Deserves a Commentary Track by ‘What If…?’s Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher

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What If..? is a curious experiment into the multiverse. We get brief narrations by Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher throughout each episode. He never truly takes centerstage but rather is just a guiding voice. The first breaking of that rule is his brief interaction with Doctor Strange. Plus, he’ll likely return for future seasons, especially as a second one is already in development for next year. Still, he never takes away from the episode is only in the background, especially visually. Yet, Wright‘s narration is a highlight of the series and there sometimes’s a lack of it. There’s a way Disney+ and Marvel could offer more of his narration to promote the rewatch value of older MCU entries, such as adding a special commentary.

Marvel Studios' 'What If…?': Jeffrey Wright Talks Voicing Marvel's Most  'Passionate Fan' with The Watcher | Marvel

Considering he watches every part of the multiverse, he must’ve witnessed the Sacred Timeline at some point. In a way, Marvel Studios and Disney+ could bank on the Watcher’s role to offer some very creative new bonus material. Just imagine having a new Watcher narration added to each of the previously released Marvel Studios films. Not only do we get more of Jeffrey Wright, but also some fun jabs at past franchise changes. Why not have him mention that it’s odd that Don Cheadle‘s Rhodey looks different than before or reference that he preferred his multiversal counterpart.

There’s a lot of potential just to have fun with it. Why not have him joined by another Watcher played by Kevin Feige? They may have discussions over story elements and how they connected back in later entries of the franchise. Offer some meta-commentary that plays with the conventions within the MCU. He’s seen the multiverse. So, why not let the narrator comment on how scenarios would’ve been different if this was in another universe. Teasing the endless possibilities of an ever-expanding franchise. Marvel Studios can have fun with it and it would be an amazing way to add something special to Disney+.

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