‘Halloween Kills’ Makes a Killer $50M Domestically

halloween kills box office

The numbers are in and Halloween Kills has taken the top spot at the domestic box office. It managed to make around $50.4M, which makes it the biggest opening for a horror film during the pandemic. That is on top of releasing simultaneously on a streaming service. It was made available on Peacock, which continues the trend since Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max. The continued trend of performances supports the current focus on shortening the release window between theatres and digital.

Not everything was rosy this weekend, as Ridley Scott‘s 14th-century epic, The Last Duel, ended up with $4.8M. It only ended up opening at fifth place, as No Time to Die holds on to second place with $24.3M. It currently stands at $99.5M after 10-days but has been keeping steady with a strong international performance. Still, their shared older audience may have been the cause for Scott’s latest film to squander at the box office as they cut into each other’s share. Of course, the genre’s generally has been an upward fight at the box office.

No Time to Die’s drop is pretty in line with previous entries of the franchise, but still a tough drop in these uncertain times, especially given how much money was invested to advertise the “endgame” of Daniel Craig‘s James Bond run. Venom: Let There Be Carnage still clung to third place with $16.5M, which puts it at around $169.1M as of now. So, the numbers are looking good for Dune to also perform quite well once it releases.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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