‘Harley Quinn’ Renewed for a Third Season on HBO Max

DC Entertainment has given us some fantastic shows. Doom Patrol is so unique that it is hard to even put into words how out-there it is. It also gave us the R-rated animated masterpiece Harley Quinn. Many of us were waiting for the third season renewal and it has finally arrived. As we guess, the renewal comes from HBO Max and not DC Entertainment. This renewal also comes with the announcement that DC Entertainment will focus primarily on comics. As such, it is now a direct competitor to Marvel Unlimited, as it’s media content will migrate to HBO Max.

Hollywood Reporter also includes the fact that negotiations were dragged out over budgetary discussions. A major executive change also affected the show’s renewal, as the new focus on HBO had shifted. DC’s Jim Lee has also been vocal for the advantage of keeping these shows on HBO Max, as it has a stronger draw for audiences. Hopefully, the success of these shows means that they will continue expanding their DC output on the new platform. HBO Max has renewed Doom Patrol for a third season recently and Titans was going to enter production before the pandemic hit. It’s an exciting time for comic fans, we’ve been getting a lot of creative shows breaking boundaries. Harley Quinn is certailny at the forefrunt of it and I cannot wait to see what the third season will have to offer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, GamesRadar

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