Martin Freeman Confirms Everett Ross’ Return in ‘BLACK PANTHER 2’

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It appears another familiar face is returning for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther sequel. Martin Freeman, who portrayed government liaison Everett K. Ross in Captain America: Civil War and the first Black Panther film, will reprise his role in Ryan Coogler’s anticipated second Marvel movie. The British actor, known for his work on the BBC’s Sherlock and Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films, had previously mentioned he expected to be back in the MCU but the past year’s tragic developments left many fans uncertain about what remained in the script for Black Panther 2Freeman gave the following statement regarding his return:

Yeah, I am doing the second Black Panther. I’m going to be speaking to Ryan Coogler soon about what shape that’s going to look like. I have no idea about the script [so] I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Much like the rest of us, Freeman is unsure what the continuation of Black Panther will look like without franchise star Chadwick Boseman. The actor passed away after a long battle with cancer in August. It left director Coogler and Marvel Studios with big shoes and a massive legacy to fill. He further elaborated in another quote to Collider:

Just before Chadwick died, if my memory serves correctly, the script had gone in. They had the script and they were working on the script, and then Chadwick died, and [I] sort of immediately thought, “Oh, okay, I could see a world where there’s no Black Panther then, because how can you do a Black Pantherwithout Black Panther?” So, I still don’t know what that’s going to look like. And no, obviously, before Chad died, the idea of doing it without him would have been a stupid idea. It would have been crazy. It was very shocking and still is very, very strange, that he is not here. So, I’m as curious as you are to see what that will look like and I find out quite soon. All I know is that I’m in it.

The last time we saw Freeman’s Ross, he had just aided T’Challa and the rest of Wakanda in fending off Erik Killmonger’s attempted coup. Black Panther 2 will premiere on the big screen in July of 2022. Hopefully, we’ll have answers to all of our big questions by then.

Source: Collider

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