Don’t Expect More ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ DLC In the Near Future

final fantasy 7 remake dlc

Final Fantasy 7 Remake surprised players with the reveal of a DLC storyline focusing on Yuffie. The reveal confirmed that it would only be available via the next-gen consoles. It was a curious decision and made us wonder why they limited it to it. Of course, it also opened up the window to more DLC storylines getting added for characters that might not get the focus they deserve until late installment in the game. Well, it sadly looks like Integrade just happened to come together due to the recent console release. The game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed that there aren’t any plans for more DLC chapters in an interview with Famitsu. It isn’t available in English but luckily Twitter user @aitakimochi was kind enough to translate it.

[…] we really have no plans for any or DLC. With FF7R Integrade, we are able to adjust to the PS5 environment, which makes for an easy transition to development for the next installment. The roadwork we have laid out to complete the entire story takes priority, and if we are to ever add DLC, it will not be until after everything has been done.

That is a surprising reveal. It seemed like the Integrade concept would allow them to fill blanks between the releases of the new episodic take on the 1997 original. Yuffie’s story would allow them to integrate more elements from the expanded universe, so it felt like a perfect way to bridge the gap. Yet, it seems that it ended up getting created to adapt to the new console generation quickly. So, we can thank PlayStation’s release window for them to be inspired to offer early access to the character and content. This revelation also confirms why it is only available on next-gen. It is still uncertain how long we will have to wait for in-between releases, so there is a chance it could change if development on titles gets dragged out due to the pandemic.

Source: Famitsu via Twitter

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