How Deadpool Could Enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe

After many rumors circulated on the web, we finally got the official word that Marvel Studios is moving forward with Deadpool 3. Now, the news hit that they have hired the Molyneux Sisters to write the upcoming threequel. Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are well-known for their work on Bob’s Burgers, as well as the Fox series The Great North. The great thing is, Marvel Studios is involved in the project, and it isn’t by 20th Century. So, the gates have opened for the iconic Merc with a Mouth to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, the question remains: how will he be introduced into the MCU?

It doesn’t look like this will be a reboot. The film is called Deadpool 3, so it will take place shortly after the second. Wade Wilson has played around with continuity in his films, such as the X-Men showing up that shouldn’t be around during his time. He even references that the whole timeline makes no sense, especially after X-Men: Days of Future Past. So, in a way, Wilson is quite flexible and doesn’t care how or where he shows up. I mean, he is known for breaking the fourth wall frequently, so he might be the easiest to add to the franchise’s roster. He probably would only allow it if his beloved Colossus joins, so that may be a sticking point.



The ending of the second film could handwave away how Deadpool lands in the MCU. The last time we saw him, he used Cable’s time travel technology to save Vanessa. Yet, he went a few steps too far and kept alternating history. At one point, he lands in the real world and kills Ryan Reynolds before he can read the Green Lantern script. Hell, he even kills off the terrible Deadpool version that we saw during X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So, he has been breaking the barriers between dimensions throughout this small trip. Of course, it was mainly for comedic effect, but at the time it opened up a lot of questions of how it would tie into the third film. Now that the character might be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have the best way to introduce his transition.

WandaVision will end up opening up the MCU to the multiverse, which will be the main focus of the Doctor Strange sequel. So, Deadpool ended up screwing up his timeline so badly that Strange pulls him out, and he ends up destroying the device. He briefly is stuck with the chatty mercenary, who might even add a few jabs at Benedict Cumberbatch‘s past roles, such as asking if he should call him Sherlock. At one point, their paths cross. At the end of the film, if Strange has fixed the multiverse tear, he fuses aspects of other dimensions into our own. He takes it easy in the Sanctum Sanctorum before suddenly hearing a familiar voice calling out to him. Yes, in his work to finally fix the multiverse, he also brought Deadpool and his gang into the mainline Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully, we get a short cameo by Kevin Feige at some point regretting the addition.

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