How ‘The Flash’ Could Introduce Earth-2’s The Wonders of The World

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The concept of a multiverse is incredible. It leads to limitless potential and allows new stories to get told with similar characters. In a way, the creative choices are endless, especially when it comes to having an ever-expanding array of worlds. The multiverse seems like DC’s primary focus for the time being, as we’re already seen new worlds blossom. They have already explored the concept through the Arrowverse. Now, the films are embracing it with the mainline DCEU and The Batman. I believe there’s room for another franchise in this ever-expanding IP, the exploration of Earth-2.

The current state of the DC Multiverse is a bit of a mess, to be honest. Some executives have said Earth-2 is the home of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Yet, during the rebirth of the multiverse in CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event, Stargirl and the Justice Society of America’s home was given that title. Luckily, there is one film that can clear the air on this mystery. It is the upcoming The Flash film by Andy Muschietti. For a brief history lesson, 1961’s The Flash #123 hit spinner racks around the country and introduced the multiverse to the DC Universe. It saw Barry Allen and Jay Garrick meet for the first time. I can’t think of a better film to introduce the multiverse to the DCEU than The Flash.



On Earth-2 resides a team known as the Wonders of the World, an alternate version of the Justice League with a roster made up of Jay Garrick’s Flash, Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, Huntress, Val Zod, Thomas Wayne, Power Girl, and even a Red Tornado Android with the mind of Lois Lane. What first sparked this idea was the news of Micheal Keaton’s return to the cape and cowl, along with the recent reveal of Sasha Calle as Kara Zor-El. There is also the recent news of a Val-Zod-focused film in development, which helped build the connection. While these castings could be a coincidence, Keaton filling the role of Thomas Wayne and Calle as Power-Girl would fit considerably well.

With the sudden eagerness to embrace the multiverse amongst their projects, introducing the Wonders would give them yet another franchise and world to play in. They could even take some more creative leaps with the characters. With the future of the Justice League still uncertain, the DCEU can rely on some of their other stronger teams, like the wonders and even the upcoming JSA, as they make their debut in Black Adam.

Source: NYT

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