‘Interview with the Vampire’ Episode 1 Teases the Arrival of the Mayfair Witches

The debut of AMC Studios Interview with the Vampire served not only as the first glimpse into the live-action adaptation of Anne Rice’s Vamprire Chronicles, but more boldly as the anchor to the larger Immortal Universe the studio hopes to create. An integral part of that universe will be the Mayfair witches, a group of characters based on a trio of novels written by Rice. AMC began development on Mayfair Witches in 2021 and Season 1 of the series, starring Alexandra Daddario is expected to debut in January 2023. However, it turns out fans didn’t have to wait long for some connectivity to be established between the two pillars of the Immortal Universe.

Early in Episode 1 of Interview with the Vampire, a family breakfast at the Du Lac household turns into a family bitch session as each of the members of the group take turns griping about something. As Paul adds his concerns about his sister marrying a Baptist and having to follow a tradition of jumping a broom, he quips that there are “plenty of brooms down the street at the Mayfair sisters’ home.” The remark gets a chuckle from Louis and a brief admonishment from his mother, who asks him to walk back his comment. No damage is permanently done, but with Paul’s words, the stage is set for the arrival of the Mayfair witches.

The Mayfair witches have a wonderfully rich established history in Rice’s novels. Their legacy began in Scotland in the 1600s when Suzanne Mayfair bound herself to a demon named Lasher. Over the centuries, the agreement made by Suzanne has ensured that each generation of her family would see one member born with the ability to connect with Lasher and serve as a witch. The Mayfairs moved to New Orleans in the 1700s and became a fixture there until modern times when Rowan, Daddario’s character and the thirteenth witch in the Mayfair line, inherited Lasher and the powers that came with him.

Given the timeline set in Interview with the Vampire, if any of the Mayfairs were to appear in an upcoming episode one might expect Julien, the only male heir to Lasher’s power, or Mary Beth, one of the most powerful witches ever in the Mayfair line, to be good bets. It’s unclear just how much crossover to expect between the two series, but given all the work AMC Studios has put into developing the Immortal Universe, whatever crossover they do decide on will certainly be more than fan service.

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