Hunger, If You Dare! Antonio Banderas Rumored to Be Discussing a Massive Marvel Studios Role

The rumor mill around the cast of Marvel Studios 2024 theatrical release, Fantastic Four, continues to churn out some fascinating information. Shortly after rumors of Adam Driver, Mila Kunis, Jodi Comer and more being on director Matt Shakman‘s shortlist for key roles in the film, a new rumor has emerged that might just be the best of them all.

Scooper My Time to Shine Hello has revealed an unexpected–and quite frankly brilliant–potential choice for a major Fantastic Four character. According to the account, Antonio Banderas is in talks to play the Cosmic Being Galactus.

One of Marvel Comics most incredible characters, Galactus has been rumored to be a part of Shakman‘s Fantastic Four for some time now. Originally a scientist named Galan who existed in a previous iteration of the multiverse, Galan survived the transition into the new multiverse and became one of the most powerful beings in it and was reborn as Galactus. The Devourer of Worlds has long been one of the Fantastic Four’s greatest antagonists, though a more complete understanding of the essential role he plays in the universe has been developed over time.

Banderas has remained a force in Hollywood since making the jump from Spanish cinema in the early 1990s. An action star, a romantic lead and a talented voice actor, Banderas has been nominated for Academy, Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Awards. While it’s unclear exactly what role Galactus will play in Fantastic Four and the MCU in general, Banderas‘ experiences should allow him to play Galan/Galactus in live-action and also provide voice work for the character should he be a wholly CGI creation. Marvel Studios has not yet commented on the cast of the film but at the pace the rumors are flying, it is possible it could be revealed at SDCC ’23, should the studio decide to attend.

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