RUMOR: Sony Makes a Decision about Miles Morales’ Live-Action Debut

It’s no stretch to say that when Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli created Miles Morales in 2011 for Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe the duo created one of Marvel Comics most important and beloved characters. Miles has been an incredibly popular character in the comics, led a video game franchise and is at the center of two of the best superhero films of the era with a third, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse set to cap that story. All that’s left is the character to make his way into live-action, something fans have been eagerly awaiting for quite some time. Now, a new rumor from a credible insider indicates that the wait is nearing its end.

According to Daniel RPK, Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige, who have been collaborating on Tom Holland’s MCU-set Spider-Man films for the better part of a decade are planning to continue working together to incorporate Miles Morales into the MCU!

RPK claims that Pascal and Feige are set to introduce the character in the as-yet-undated fourth Spider-Man film. Additionally, Miles’ solo adventures will be set in the MCU, allowing Spider-Man to continue to interact with Marvel Studios’ fully-stocked universe of heroes.

The timing of the rumor neatly coincides with Sony’s recent box office failure, Madame Web. Though the studio had success with its first Spider-Man-adjacent project, Venom, they’ve failed to repeat it and the last two projects, Madame Web and Morbius, are among the most critically panned superhero films of all time. While including Miles in the MCU doesn’t indicate Sony’s given up just yet (Kraven the Hunter is due out this year and, for some reason, the studio is still developing El Muerto), it does give fans of the character hope that his story will be done some measure of justice on the big screen. With Avengers: Secret Wars lurking down the road and Miles having played a significant role in the 2015 Marvel Comic book event of the same name, it seems that Sony and Marvel Studios are making a very wise choice at just the right time.

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