Job Listings Hint at Multiplayer for ‘Ghost of Tsushima 2’

ghost of tsushima 2

It looks like Sucker Punch Productions is actively looking to implement multiplayer elements in an upcoming game. They are actively looking to hire a Senior Multiplayer Mission Designer and Senior Multiplayer Systems Designer. As pointed out by, it’s an interesting ad if you consider that the only game we know of that they are working on is the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima.

It doesn’t outright confirm that the sequel will have specific multiplayer functionality, but the first entry already included a functionality titled Ghost of Tsushima: Legends which allowed you to tackle various missions with friends or strangers online. Given how long they supported that functionality, it wouldn’t be too surprising they would want that option to return.

Of course, we don’t know if the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima will be a straight-forward story game, or perhaps they are simply working on a multiplayer spinoff similar to the long-rumored The Last of Us: Factions game that has seemingly been in development hell for some time. It’s also not unusual for popular games to add these new functionalities, especially if they end up having some way to keep players engaged.

Though it’s really curious that they may be hoping to expand the game early on, as Legends wasn’t added until later in the game’s runtime. So, we’ll see if this pans out or Sucker Punch might be working on a secret multiplayer title that hasn’t been officially announced as of now. Only time will tell, or at least E3 might.

Source: Comic Book

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