Leaked ‘Furiosa’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Chris Hemsworth

furiosa set photo

While the Mad Max franchise will finally continue, its titular hero will have to take a backseat for Furiosa. After her introduction in Mad Max: Fury Road, the popularity of the character skyrocketed, a prequel was fasttracked. While many are disappointed that Charlize Theron is not returning in the role, now set to be played by Anya Taylor-Jo, the cast has been quite promising with Tom Burke, Angus Sampson, and even Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Now, a few set photos have found their way online offering our first look at Hemsworth‘s design in the upcoming film. While it’s unclear who exactly he is playing, there seems to be some Max inspiration in his design, such as having a leg brace.

His design is quite curious. While he still remains super in shape, his physique is quite a bit different from what we saw in Thor: Love and Thunder. Though it seems he couldn’t quite give away who he might be playing or what role he has, the project will span a long period of time which makes it difficult to say if he has a major role throughout or maybe just a brief part in its highlights.

Furiosa is the first prequel in this franchise that was on the stand until director George Miller revived it with Fury Road. It became an instant classic for many and it was surprising that there hasn’t been an actual sequel for a while. Perhaps Furiosa might once again add some fuel to the franchise’s fire that we’ll further explore the apocalypse.

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