‘She-Hulk’ Viewership on Par With ‘Hawkeye’ in First Four Days

shehulk viewership

It looks like the numbers are in and She-Hulk, Attorney at Law has pulled in 1.5M U.S. households in its first four days. While some will likely make a false equivalence with the recent record-breaking numbers by House of the Dragon, these numbers are nothing to downplay. She-Hulk is currently on par with Hawkeye, which was at 1.5M as the lowest viewest show before Ms. Marvel was the first to premiere below the million mark at 775K; though had a much stronger demographic win in that regard.

What should be pointed out is that those counted for the first five days of its release, which means She-Hulk could actually rival WandaVision‘s 1.6M and Moon Knight‘s 1.8M five-day total. It is strange though that there’s no consistency on the day count used for the data provided by Samba TV, who is a third-party provider.

When discussing these numbers we always have to keep in mind that they don’t showcase the full picture surrounding these projects. the number is likely higher due to them only being able to pull their data from a settings panel. Plus, they also do not have any mobile data which could’ve worked in Ms. Marvel‘s favor given its younger audience focus. There’s still a lot we don’t know about what Disney+ considers a “success” for their Disney+ line-up. So, we can only theorize based on external data sources but luckily we have something to get an idea.

Source: Twitter

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