Showtime and Paramount+ Fusion Leading to ‘Dexter’ and ‘Billions’ Spinoffs

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The streaming industry continues to evolve as Showtime and Paramount+ are set to fuse. Such major changes also tend to lead to new developments such as Showtime reevaluating its future TV slate to also make use of how Yellowstone redefined Paramount’s overall approach to franchising. It looks like some recent and classic series are about to get a variety of spinoffs.

The first big future plan lies with the series Billions. It seems that the finance drama is set to get up to four different spinoffs with rather fitting titles like Millions and Trillions planned. Another one is set to take place in Miami, but it’s unclear if they’ll go down the route of “Billions: Miami” like the classic CSI franchises.

That is not all, as it seems they also want to develop a Dexter spinoff series that’ll focus on The Trinity Killer. It would explore the origin story of John Lithgow‘s character from the original series but it’s not the only one as there’s also another one focused on a younger Dexter in development.

Spinoff series are all the rage right now and have a proven track record to draw audiences to check out their streaming services. It’s also a safe bet when costs start piling on for these new projects, though the question is just how popular some of these projects might be if they rush out multiple spinoffs. Even Game of Thrones had to slow down its ambitious goals once they finally released House of the Dragon.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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