Joe Barton Joins ‘The Batman’ Spin-Off ‘Gotham Central’ as Showrunner

Fans are eagerly anticipating their next look at Matt Reeve’s upcoming film The Batman. It’s currently in production and should wrap-up within the coming months. Yet, even before this film hits theaters, Reeves is going all-in on his new version of Gotham. Last year, we got the confirmation that Matt Reeves had teamed up with Boardwalk Empire’Terrence Winter. They were working together on a prequel series titled Gotham Central. It will release exclusively on HBO Max. The project would focus on the corruption within the GCPD during Batman’s first year of crusading in Gotham.



A few months after this news broke, we got word that showrunner and writer, Terrence Winter, had departed the project over creative differences with Matt Reeves. It gave many fans an awry feeling towards the project, as it may have delayed it by quite a bit. It seems the project is back on as Joe Barton, creator of Giri/Haji, has officially joined the project as showrunner and executive producer.

The project comes from Reeve‘s With 6th and Idaho Production company and is the first spin-off set within this new Gotham City. It won’t connect to previous projects, as it will explore an independent storyline from the rest of the DCEU. Although no casting was announced, the project has assembled some familiar faces, such as The Batman producer Dylan Clark, who will also be serving as Executive producer alongside Daniel Pipski and Adam Kassan.

Source: Deadline

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