Keanu Reeves Considering Directing Netflix’s ‘BRZRKR’

In October of 2021, BOOM! Studios launched BRZRKR, a comic book series about an immortal half man/half god named B. who bears a striking resemblance to a real-world immortal: Keanu Reeves. Written by Reeves and Matt Kindt with art from Ron Garney, BRZRKR was quickly picked up by Netflix who is developing an animated series and a live-action film that Reeves will star in and produce. Now, as development on the project continues, it turns out Reeves may decide to wear another hat.

In an interview with Collider, Reeves revealed that there’s a 33% chance that he will choose to direct the adaptation. While Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most beloved and busiest talents, he has only one credit to his name as a director in the 2013 film Man of Tai Chi. Interestingly enough, according to Reeves, his involvement as writer led him down the path to eventually direct.

I know how it’s a lot of work, but the film that I directed, Man of Tai Chi, was born, I became the director because I was part of the writing process, and I didn’t want to hand it over. I was like, oh, okay. I have to direct this. I’m not quite there yet on ‘BRZRKR’. I have to read the script, but I’m also interested in having a collaborator and what they could bring to it.

Keanu Reeves

Even as Reeves did not write the script for BRZRKR and admits he has not yet read it, it’s reasonable to assume he’ll feel a similar ownership over the project given that he’s the co-author of the source material. Certainly something to keep an eye on as things progress.

Source: Collider

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