RUMOR: New Leak Offers First Look at Chris Pratt’s Mario in Illumination’s ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie

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Just yesterday, Illumination and Nintendo revealed our first look at what the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film will look like. While the animation studios’ reputation had many concerns, the visuals showcased in the poster for an upcoming exclusive Nintendo Direct did seem promising. We got the classic hero shot from behind looking at the world he’s about to enter and most of it seems pretty faithful to the games.

Now, the first look at the character may have leaked early. Someone working for Mcdonald’s has shared a piece of artwork on Discord (which subsequently was shared by Twitter user @ConnorEatsPants) to offer a first look at the actual design of Mario and he seems mostly faithful to the original games.

There are tweaks that make the character look a bit more “realistic” but nothing truly distracting to state that this is some kind of live-action version of the original. We might hopefully find out what he sounds like in the upcoming teaser as Chris Pratt takes on the role of the iconic plumber.

We know surprisingly little about the actual story of this film, but it may explore his first visit to the Mushroom Kingdom and making his way to save the princess. Of course, they could mix things up and have Bowser kidnap Luigi which adds a more personal touch and potentially have his baby brother driving the Koopa King crazy. Whatever they may have planned, we’re closer than ever to get a true first look.

Source: Discord via Twitter

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