Latest ‘Secret Invasion’ Set Photo Offers First Look at Kingsley Ben-Adir

secret invasion kingsley ben adir

At this point, we might see the entire cast of Secret Invasion through set photos if more continues to find its way online. We got our first look at Emilia Clarke on the set just yesterday, and it seems, even more, have found their way online. This time though, we get a good look at Kingsley Ben-Adir on set. He’s another actor who has appeared in person and not as a Skrull, which makes sense with the whole “secret” part of the Disney+ series’ title. @SInvasionNews has shared the image provided by Instagram account donnajuds

It’s still very likely that Kingsley Ben-Adir is a Skrull, as he was initially cast as the series’ antagonist. Of course, we don’t know exactly who he might be playing, which is the big question mark and the fact we haven’t seen any Skrulls on this set does also lead us to wonder if they are keeping those reveals for in-door sequences. Of course, he may also be a red herring that the series is setting up to catch us off-guard during our viewing.

It’ll be fun to see how the series plays with our expectations, especially with such an iconic premise. Plus, we don#t know if some familiar faces might make a return from the films or other TV series, which raises the question of just how far have the Skrulls gone with their inflation. We might not be able to trust everyone in the projects to come.

Source: Twitter

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