‘Moon Knight’s Ethan Hawke Teases His “Terrifying” Villain

moon knight ethan hawke

Many were surprised when Ethan Hawke revealed he was joining the upcoming Marvel Studios’ series, Moon Knight. It just didn’t seem like the usual project he would tackle, but his involvement offered a glimpse of hope that this project might make the iconic character stand out from the rest. We got our first true glimpse at his character in a poster, as he was showcased seemingly as a leader of some kind of cult – and with him out during daylight, there went our Dracula theories. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he talked about how psychiatrist Carl Jung and the infamous cult leader David Koresh were the inspirations of his character, as he also wanted to avoid the boring clichés you expect from a villainous character.

The uber-rich villain mastermind isn’t interesting to me. I love the ones who believe that they’re a good person and that’s why they have to kill you. That, I find really terrifying.

Ethan Hawke

It was the series star, Oscar Isaac, that convinced him to join the project after believing he might not be the right choice for a comic book adaptation, but after spending some time with the character, it seems he came to love the idea of tackling a character that doesn’T has as much baggage as others.

So it just became about the project, and it wasn’t an intellectual decision at all; it was like, ‘Oh, let’s do something cool with these guys.’ And the more I learned about the Moon Knight, the more turned on I got, because it’s so much better than trying to create something that the audience already has a big agenda with. Like, if you do Batman or Superman or Hulk, any of these famous ones, the fans have so many preconceived things that they want from it. It’s like playing Hamlet. […] And with Moon Knight, we get to create a world and a character. The fan in me always enjoys the first movie. I love learning about how the hell Captain America came to be — those are my favorite parts of the story.

Ethan Hawke

He’s certainly a great addition to the project, and he definitely might add something special to make it stand out. Even the trailers were selling us on a more mind-bending adventure than what we are used to within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s hoping we spend quite a bit of time with his character and uncover what exactly his role is throughout the six-episode series.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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