New Studio Ghibli Tweet Teases Grogu’s Unannounced ‘Star Wars’ Special

star wars grogu

When Studio Ghibli shared a rather subtle clue that they are working on a project with Lucasfilm, it led to many questions about what exactly that project might end up being. They haven’t shared an official statement and neither has Disney, but a new tweet has finally surfaced offering more teases of what’s to come. This new image seemingly includes legendary director Hayao Miyazaki in the blurred background with a focus on a familiar face from modern Star Wars adaptations, Grogu.

Just last week, there was a hint that on the 12th of November we’d get a new special focused on Grogu titled Star Wars Zen – Grogu and Dust Bunnies. The official Italien Disney+ channel accidentally leaked it but there hasn’t been an official announcement or reveal of it up until now. With the below tweet, it does seem like Ghibli is developing that special.

It’s certainly curious that Star Wars is getting a special created by one of the most prolific animation studios in Japan and barely promote it. Yes, the teasers have been quite great to make us wonder what exactly they are working on, but perhaps the release date was falsely included and it might not release for another week or so. Still, if they do shadow drop a Studio Ghibli-focused Grogu special on Disney+ tomorrow, we’ll definitely be excited to check it out.

Source: Twitter

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