Leaked ‘Titans’ Set Photo Features White-Haired Raven

dc titans set photo

It looks like the upcoming fourth season of DC’s Titans will feature an iconic transformation for Teagan Croft‘s Raven. Fans of the original animated Teen Titans series might remember that when Raven confronted her father Trigon, she would embrace her purest energy to take on the representation of evil. This transformation led to the costume turning white. Well, it seems that the upcoming season of the HBO Max series will do something similar but this time around her hair will change.

It’s certainly a surprising reveal, but a new set photo from @seansmovies (as shared by @DCTBMidias) offers a look at a few of the actors of Titans. In it, we can clearly see Croft with a very different hairstyle. It’s gone completely white which would hint at her potentially going through a similar storyline in the upcoming season.

It’s a curious direction to take, especially as we already had a Trigon-focused storyline in the first season. Either they might build upon it, or her abilities are pushed to their limits in a new way. Brother Blood has been cast for the upcoming season and is likely its main villain. So, perhaps he is someone who worships Trigon and is trying to find a way to unleash him on the world. We’ll see if the trailer gives us our first look on what may end up being the cause for her transformation.

Source: Twitter

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