Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Series May Be Preparing for Season 2

one piece season 2

Shortly after the writer’s strike came to an end, the writing staff for the second season of Netflix’s live-action One Piece series unveiled its writer’s team. There were hints that they may have started working on some of the episodes already ahead of the strike; hints even exist that they may have finished most of the drafts already. Yet, we have no exact timeline on when we could expect the second season to start getting the cameras rolling again.

A new post from Nami actress Emily Rudd may have given us a hint on when we can expect production to start. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily give us a true timeline but it does seem that we can expect production on the second season to be earlier than initially expected next year. In a now-deleted Instagram story, Rudd shared a gift she received for the holidays with a highlight that it is for the “season 2 prep”.

This alone doesn’t necessarily make a case that production is going to start up just as soon as the new year comes rolling in, but preparations are a hint that we’re definitely getting closer. Plus, it might be a better hint that some kind of casting news may be underway in the coming weeks to prepare us ahead of production.

There’s also the hint from Brashaad Mayweather, the actor who played Patty in the first season sharing that he’s already hearing sets being built for next year’s filming. As such, they may already be getting ready to start as soon as they can and will likely require quite a few more out-there sets when compared to the first given the nature of the story that is going to be told and the many more islands they’ll explore.

We’ll probably have to wait at least until later before we get an update, as we did get some casting announcements ahead of time before production started in January last year. Though, it’s also quite a bit different given that this is the second season of a recurring show that may handle things a bit differently. Still, here’s hoping that this is a sign that updates are just around the corner.

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