Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Teaser Trailer Passes 10M Views on YouTube

TUDUM was the big unveil for the first trailer for Netflix’s live-action One Piece series. A short teaser gave us a first look at what is to come and was our first real look at the cast in their costume, especially since they were teased with posters in January. Half a year later, we not only got to see the main cast in action but even a release date of August 31st.

After around two weeks, the show hit its first milestone as the teaser trailer passed 10 million views on YouTube, which was also shared by the official @Eiichiro_Staff Twitter account. Even on Twitter, the trailer has reached around 32.2M impressions and was retweeted up to 74.2K times.

Even the recent Anime Expo video of confirming that the live-action series will be dubbed by the original Japanese voice cast has already hit 3.2M views on Twitter. Though, it currently has managed to pull in 595K viewers within the last five days as of writing this article. Though, that is higher than other trailers or videos from the same event such as Zom 100, PLUTO, Pokémon Concierge, and Delicious in Dungeon.

It’s difficult to say what Netflix considers a healthy sign and viewership on YouTube doesn’t always equate to viewership on Netflix. So, we’ll still have to see if Netflix can keep up this strong promotional run for the series as we close in on its August release. While a mixed reception is expected for any live-action adaptation of a popular anime, this series has a big chance of potentially reaching a new audience that wouldn’t give the manga or anime a chance. So, here’s hoping the passion of everyone involved translates to the finished product.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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