‘LOVE AND THUNDER’ Promo Art Offers Closer Look at Thor’s New Outfit

thor love and thunder outfit

The God of Thunder is getting some fresh new digs. Brand new promo art for Taika Waititi’s second Marvel project, Thor: Love and Thunder, has given fans their best look yet at the titular character’s latest design. The look, and the neon-colored art that accompanies it, bring more of that 80’s-nostalgia teased by the film’s initial logo reveal. The tone of the movie seems to be going the route of hair metal, with the lightning striking through the center of brightly colored hearts, and Thor wearing a cutoff jacket to go along with his flowing locks. Although, Thor’s actual outfit is more reminiscent of Eric Masteron’s Thunderstrike costume from the peak of Marvel’s 90’s hysteria. The art itself leaked on Twitter after appearing on memorabilia given to the crew as wrap presents.


Thor: Love and Thunder will be the fourth solo Thor adventure in the MCU, following a trilogy concluded by Waititi’s last Marvel venture in 2017. The film will feature the debut of an entirely different Thor, with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster set to wield the hammer alongside Chris Hemsworth when the movie drops in 2022. While not much is known about the movie’s plot, it is public knowledge that the story will borrow heavily from Jason Aaron’s acclaimed Mighty Thor run. Christian Bale will return to comic book movie acting as the monstrous villain Gorr, the God Butcher. Tessa Thompson will also return to her role as Valkyrie, the surprise breakout star of Thor: Ragnarok and current ruler of Asgard.

Source: Twitter

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