REPORT: First Details on Gamora’s ‘What If?’ Episode

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Marvel Studios’ newest endeavor into storytelling will open the door to countless possibilities and answer the long-awaited question, What if?.  We know little about what the episodes of the upcoming series will entail aside from a select few. One will see Thor arrive on Midgard, but instead of following the events of the first film, he will throw one of the biggest parties the realm had ever seen. It’ll be so big that it’ll risk the end of the world as we know it. It seems that another upcoming episode in the series could see another unexpected arrival on Earth, one of the galaxies’ most skilled assassins and daughter of the mad titan, Gamora.

In a new report from the Illuminerdi, it seems that an upcoming Gamora-centered episode could see her hunting down the one and only Tony Stark. It could be that Gamora is after Stark following the battle of New York. Iron Man flying through the wormhole the Chitauri were invading from and destroyed their mothership. It rendered Lokis’ army, which later turned out to be Thanos’, useless.  Seeing him as a threat in his ongoing search for the Infinity Stones we could see Thanos send his favorite daughter and most skilled warrior after Tony to make sure he wouldn’t be an issue for him in the future.

Marvel Studios What If? currently has no set release date but will release exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service. The series will feature the return of countless familiar voices from the MCU and even see the debut of Uatu The Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright.

Source: Illuminerdi

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