Mackenyu Shares What it Was Like Boarding Going Merry in Netflix’s ‘One Piece’

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We’re still on the edge of our seats wondering when Netflix will drop the next teaser for their live-action adaptation of One Piece. Together with Tomorrow Studios and Shueisha, they have taken on one of the most popular comic series worldwide and everyone is wondering if we have another Cowboy Bebop on our hands. What has been shown seems promising with a highly motivated cast and crew behind it.

Among the many stars that’ll bring the Straw Hats to life, there’s also the rising Japanese-American star Mackenyu Arata. After making a splash in the Japanese market, he’s started talking about some international fairs such as the lead role in Sony’s adaptation of Saint Seya with Knights of the Zodiac and playing the pirate hunter Zoro in One Piece. In an interview with VOGUE MAN Hong Kong, as translated by @philzora, he shared what it was like getting a chance to board the Going Merry on set.

One Piece is an anime that every Japanese kid knows. When I stepped aboard the Going Merry, I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends (laughs). It was awesome & hopefully it’ll be a special experience for the fans. We brought One Piece to life & we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Mackenyu Arata

One Piece has been around for 25 years, and it’s not a surprise that it’s an anime that is deeply ingrained in the Japanese consciousness. It surprisingly didn’t have the biggest Western impact over in the States, but has become incredibly popular in the French market. So, it makes you wonder just how big the Netflix series might become.

Source: Vogue Man via Twitter

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