New Information Seems to Indicate a Fall Release for Marvel Studios ‘Echo’

Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Echo has been the subject of rumors for quite some time. The project, which follows the character of Maya Lopez who was introduced in Hawkeye, was rumored to have a troubled production and every option from it being totally reshot to it being scrapped entirely seemed to follow it. As it turns out, Marvel Studios chose neither of those options and now it seems that it’s headed for release on Disney Plus later this year.

The Man Without Fear Twitter account caught sight of a change made to the publication date of a collection of Echo’s Marvel Comics stories called Echo: The Saga of Maya Lopez. The book, is marketed as “The stunning and lushly illustrated comic debut of Marvel’s next screen sensation, Echo!” was originally set for a mid-2023 release before being pushed all the way until February of 2024. It seems that date has changed again and the book will now hit stores on October 31, 2023.

While it’s certainly not confirmation of a release date, the most recent rumors we’ve heard about the Echo streaming series indicate that it is currently on track for a November release on Disney Plus. The move of this book, which is clearly meant to coincide with the release of the streaming series, is just another interesting piece of data to track until Marvel Studios releases an updated slate.

Source: Man Without Fear, Barnes and Noble

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