Marvel Studios Halting ‘Blade’ as Director Search Continues

Marvel Studios is currently temporarily shutting down ‘Blade’ as the search for a new director continues.

Marvel Studios is reportedly halting Blade, at least temporarily, as it continues its search for a new director. The news comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, with the outlet reporting the decision was made in order to further develop the movie and continue the search for a new director. The movie was expected to enter production in November. The crew is said to have been notified today that the production is temporarily shutting down.

Bassim Tariq was originally set to direct the film starring Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, however, Tariq left the project a little over two weeks ago. With the production currently shutting down, it seems doubtful it’ll make the previously announced release date of Nov. 3rd, 2023. Marvel Studios is said to be keen to get the movie “right,” and Ali has been heavily involved in the creative decisions on the film with the actor reportedly having had say in hiring Tariq in the beginning.

Following Tariq’s exit, it was revealed that Beau DeMayo had signed on to rework the script. With DeMayo’s hiring, it was expected that Marvel Studios would quickly fill the director position (ala Ant-Man), but instead, the studio has opted to slow down to “deepen the search” for a new director, while also ensuring they took time to further strengthen the movie.

Blade was first announced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige in 2019 when Ali was brought on stage to reveal the project was in development.

Source: THR.

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