Marvel Studios Has a Supervisor for the MCU Timeline

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There’s an ongoing curiosity about what exactly the timeline looks like for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was always the question of someone responsible for keeping an overview on how exactly every new entry fits into the timeline, especially with the newly added Disney+ series adding even more new heroes and possible timeline windows. Well, She-Hulk head writer Jessica Gao has revealed that they do have someone who keeps the timeline in check.

In an interview with The Direct, Gao reveals that there is someone who is responsible for tracing the timeline of the MCU. It seems that they had to repeatedly check in with them to ensure where exactly their show takes place, which she reveals is a few years after Avengers. Endgame.

It’s definitely after– post-Endgame. There actually is a Marvel person whose job it is to trace the timeline of everything. And we checked with him a lot about where the timing is. And so it’s like… the show is a few years after Endgame.

Jessica Gao

It’s definitely a curious reveal and great to know that Marvel Studios are keeping a close eye on how exactly these projects fit on their timeline. With the expansion into the multiverse, it seems their job must’ve gotten quite a bit more complicated but sadly it seems unlikely we’ll ever get to see it. Spider-Man director Jon Watts has also pointed out that he was presented with a scroll. Maybe one day we’ll get to see it as well.

Source: The Direct

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