‘House of the Dragon’s Viewership Grew With Episode 2

house of the dragon

Now this isn’t something you see every day but it looks like the second episode of House of the Dragon has seen an increase from its processor. That isn’t something you usually see with ongoing TV shows; the norm is normally for them to start losing viewership as the season goes on. To top it off, the increase follows HBO and HBO Max’s biggest debut ever which stood at 10M. It even went on to grow to 20M according to the network.

The difference isn’t a large one, as it’s a 2% increase from the premiere episode but it is still 10.2M viewers. To put that into comparison, the Game of Thrones premiere was at 4.2M back in 2011 and highlights just how big this franchise has become over time. It’s not quite close to the Season 8 viewership which stood at 17.9M when it first premiered but that was also after the show continued to build up momentum going into its final season.

That did see a decrease down to 10.3M in its second episode. So, an actual increase shows that viewers are quite happy with House of the Dragon so far. It’ll actually be interesting to see if that viewership number continues to grow over time, especially once we near the season finale. The series has already received an early season 2 renewal which isn’t a surprise given just how large its debut was but no matter what, it looks like more Game of Thrones is a sure thing moving forward.

Source: Variety

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