REPORT: Egyptian Composer Hesham Nazih Worked on ‘Moon Knight’s Score

moon knight score

Moon Knight will be our first foray into the darker corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while also dipping its toes in Egyptian mythology. We first learned that the series was fully embracing the character’s roots when it added Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, and it seems that one more talent is joining the project. According to Film Music Reporter, composer Hesham Nazih has composed original music for the Disney+ series, marking his first English-language project. It’s unclear if he worked n all six episodes, but he has supposedly been a major part of its creation.

It’s great to see Marvel Studios rely on local talent to add that flair to these projects. The teaser trailer did tease sequences of Marc Spector in Egypt, which they may have relied on the composer to add to the score of those sequences. It’s a great way to add an additional layer to the series, as it embraces the cultures it reflects. Hopefully, this is also a sign that other projects with a stronger international focus may also rely on local talents moving forward.

We’re only a few more weeks away from its release on Disney+, but Moon Knight is slowly becoming one of those must-watch series with its unique tone and potential direction. It may be a sign that not only Marvel Studios is ready to embrace darker characters and stories, but also for the streaming service to finally “grow up.” The release of the Netflix series with a parental control system is a sign that the streaming future for Disney might look quite a bit different in the near future.

Source: Film Music Reporter

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