‘Moon Knight’ Adds Egyptian Director Mohamed Diab

Just yesterday, we got the massive reveal that Oscar Isaac was in talks for the titular role of Moon Knight. Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series was the last to be announced, so it still has some time before it is released but that isn’t stopping the studio. According to Deadline, they have added Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab to direct the series. As such, he will be joining showrunner Jeremy Slater. Diab is well-known for his film Eshtebak, or Clash, which got him into the selection for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.  He also directed various Egyptian franchises El Gezeira and Cairo 678. As Deadline points out, these were some of the highest-grossing films from the Arabic and Egyptian filmmaking market.

His filmography and Egyptian heritage will help solidify Moon Knights’ deep connections to Khonshu. Marc Spector is a mercenary with a variety of alter egos. His mind is damaged, as he is also haunted by an Egyptian God known as Khonshu. He became its conduit after being left for dead by Raoul Bushman, his former employer. He was Marvel’s answer to Batman before growing into his own twisted take on a masked vigilante.

Mohamed Diab will surely lend his very unique voice to make this series stand-out among the upcoming Disney+ slate. It will be interesting to see how much time we spend in Egypt and if they will focus more on his personality disorder before jumping into the mythology aspect. Also, will his costume be closer to that of his original run or could we see the latest Mr. Knight persona being adapted as well? Whatever direction they may go, this is certainly going to be an exciting addition.

Source: Deadline

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