First Look at ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Prowler Released

Now, this is an interesting way to reveal a major character in a game. Spider-Man: Miles Morales has teased its primary antagonist in the first gameplay trailer a while back. We got our first look at a very unique interpretation of the Tinkerer, who is in the middle of a gang war with Roxxon. Miles finds himself in the middle of the battle trying to keep people safe. We all wondered who else would be added with a short tease of Rhino as the first boss battle followed the initial announcement. Now, it looks like one more major villain will be added to the game, as they offered us our first look at the Prowler in the latest variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #55.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced many to the iconic villain, who has deep ties to Miles’ family. Originally, the character made his debut back in 1969. Many held the title but none were as iconic as Miles’ own uncle, Aaron Davis. His design already teases that he may have gotten his hands on the equipment through Tinkerer. This is a callback to the comics, where he did the same thing in the Ultimate universe. Spider-Man: Miles Morales seems to be playing around a lot with its colors. Tinkerer stands out with her purples and Prowler will be utilizing green. It is interesting to note that purple was associated witht he Prowler in the past, as even his original Ultimate costume was a purple version of Deadpool’s. He also seems to have green-glowing claws similar to that of Black Panther. Sadly, his iconic cape isn’t included from the animated film but hopefully we will find out his role in the story soon, as we are only a few weeks away from the games’ release.

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