Marvel Studios One Shot ‘ALL HAIL THE KING’ Gets New Logo on Disney+

Marvel studois all hail the king

Marvel Studios is no stranger to testing out new formats. While they’re enjoying the success of releasing long-form projects on Disney+, they’ve tested out non-cinematic releases with the Blu-ray exclusives Marvel Studios One Shots. They started off minor before they even created small spin-offs exploring characters that had a supporting role in the film. Most notably, they used this format to tackle the Mandarin issue introduced in Iron Man 3. In that film, we found out that the the self-proclaimed Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, was just a actor. Of course, it rubbed fans the wrong way until they released a One Shot titled All Hail the King that revealed there was a real one still out there.

That very Mandarin will finally get introduced in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As we are only a week away from its release, they re-released the One Shot with a brand new logo. Not only did the One Shot series finally get a unique design but they’ve laso included the ten rings design used throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe to highlight its connection. As it’s not available in some European regions, @TimGettys shared a shot of the new design.

It’s a great move to higlhight the short, as it does set-up Wenwu’s eventual appearance. Plus, they finally are giving these shorts some more focus which were hidden away in the Extra sections of the film’s they initially released with. So, we might see Agent Carter’s One Shot also get its own spot in the near future. It does make you wonder if they’ll also include a new logo for their Marvel Legacy connection that are technically not part the MCU. At least until Deadpool makes his debut in this franchise and potentially breaks reality as we know it.

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