Connecting Imaginary Dots: Mark Ruffalo May Appear in ‘MOON KNIGHT’

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Moon Knight has been busy filming in Budapest for some time now. Oscar Isaac will play the vigilante in what may be Marvel Studios’ darkest story. They’ve kept the plot tightly under wraps and we know very little outside of Ethan Hawke playing the Disney+ series’ main antagonist. Still, it’s fun to speculate on what may potentially happen in the film. Well, some photos from Instagram user dora_magyari features both Isaac and Mark Ruffalo in front of the same hotel in Budapest.

Of course, Ruffalo‘s presence is a curious one and we’ve long wondered how Moon Knight might connect to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s always the chance he’s just there to check on the set or on vacation, but it is quite a curious coincidence that he’d travel to the same shooting location right after finishing up She-Hulk. There’s also the fact that Moon Knight and Hulk have had some confrontations in the comics, especially when Banner turned into Joe Fixit. In 2008’s Hulk Vol. 2 #7, he returned to Las Vegas, where he famously ran a bar, and got into a fight with Wendigo’s before Moon Knight intervened. As you can guess, it didn’t go well for him.

Joe Fixit (Dr. Bruce Banner) (Grey Hulk persona) vs. Moon Knight art by  Arthur Adams | Marvel comic book characters, Hulk marvel, Hulk art

There actually was a reveal of a “Bruce’s Bar” from an Instagram post by one of the She-Hulk crew members. Included in their crew merch, you can see Jennifer Walters enjoying a drink at a bar run by Bruce in Professor Hulk form. While not confirmed, there’s a chance he might’ve taken a break from his heroic life. Plus, it seems his arm has recovered from taking the full force of the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Endgame. So, perhaps they are preparing a sequence where Moon Knight visits that very bar. Perhaps they’re shooting the post-credit sequence for the final episode that sets up his appearance in a future entry.

Source: Instagram via Twitter, ScreenRant

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