‘COBRA KAI’ Gets Early Season 5 Renewal

cobra kai season 5

It looks like we’ll get a lot more of Cobrai Kai in the future, as Netflix has renewed the series for a fifth season ahead of the fourth’s release in December. The series continues the story of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid. It initially started off as a YouTube Red series before they moved on from original programming and was continued by Netflix as of its third season. There, it’s success has made it a household name for many viewers.

It’s crazy to see how much this series has grown since premiering on YouTube’s early attempts at a streamer. The idea to look at the original film’s world from the perspective of William Zapka‘s Lawrence. The revival of Cobra Kai as he tries to escape his fall from grace. This act leads to his rivalry with LaRusso also getting reignited, who has been struggling since the death of his mentor Mr. Miyagi.

Throughout the various seasons, we’ve seen many familiar faces making a return. They even went on to include characters from the various Cobra Kai sequels. In December, we saw the return of Tamlyn Tomita and Yuji Okumoto, who appeared in The Karate Kid Part II from 1986. As the series continues, it makes you wonder if we’ll see other references, such as The Next Karade Kid or perhaps even Jackie Chan’s Mr. Han from the 2010 remake. Here’s hoping we’ll find out what the future has in store once the fourth season premieres in December.

Source: IGN, Twitter

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