How to Play Thor and Captain America in ‘Avengers’ Beta

It just doesn’t end for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. More players are getting a chance to test out the Beta on various consoles. This limited players to four characters. You can only play as Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Only during A-Day can players test out Thor and Captain America. Still, they were in the game’s code so some crafty players didn’t let that stop them. They found a way to play as both characters and access their various features. Here is some gameplay from YouTuber TonyBingGaming playing the patriotic hero:

If you are interested in checking out the costumes and skill trees, they have been shared on Reddit as well:

LEAKED Cap & Thor Costumes from Marvel Avengers Countdown on Twitter from PlayAvengers


As one can see from the gameplay, the glitch won’t give you the final build of the characters. Captain America has the hover ability of Iron Man, as he replaces him through the glitch. What stands out though is that their character cards and skill trees are included in the beta. these could still be from an earlier build of the game, as the introductions to the moves are missing. It is exciting though to think what the game lets you unlock as you play through it. There are quite a few costumes one can unlock for these characters with the “season pass”-inspired character card. It is quite impressive what the Internet can do when they get their hands on something. This certainly wasn’t planned to happen by developer Crystal Dynamics.

Source: YouTube (TonyBingGaming), Reddit (Costumes), Reddit (Skill Tree)

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