Marvel Shares First Look at ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’s The Beyonder

moon knight and devil dinosaur beyonder

We’ve been quite focused on Marvel’s future on Disney+, but there are still some smaller projects that have been in some kind of development for some time. Among them, is Disney’s animated series all about Lunella, who is better known as Moon Girl to comic readers. She will be joined by Devil Dinosaur in an upcoming animated series simply titled Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. There’s been a surprising drought of information on the project, but luckily Marvel released a look at the supporting cast, which includes our first look at the series’ take on The Beyonder.

The designs are great, and it’ll definitely be an exciting prospect to watch once it finally premieres. The Beyonder got a really interesting design for the series, and it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle his character. Those rollerblades are also telling me I’ll definitely enjoy Pops once he is on screen. The series added an incredible talent which includes Alfred Woodard, Diamond White, and Laurence Fishburne, who will tackle the role of the previously mentioned The Beyonder.

The visual style looks promising and looking forward to seeing these characters in action, especially with how dynamic they look. It’s uncertain if Marvel Studios had any kind of involvement with the project as they took over Marvel TV, but luckily the project continued production without an issue and it’s still on its way to release soon.

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