‘MARVEL’S AVENGERS’ Dev Teases a Surprise With Next Patch Ahead of Anniversary

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Crystal Dynamics didn’t hold a dev stream today, but one of the developers was a guest on Twitch streamer Laajune‘s latest stream. He had the chance to interview the War Zone Director on some of the future content and what the new roadmap might have in store for players. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the highlights of this stream.

  • You can expect a patch next week. It’ll fix some ongoing issues with Thor’s MCU skin clipping, it’ll add new daily and weekly mission chains for resources. The big reveal is that we can expect a surprise in the patch, but we didn’t get any details. The release is timely with the game’s anniversary. So, we’ll see what it may be.
  • The next roadmap is in its final stages. They’re just settling some last details before they can reveal it. There was no hint at when we can expect it besides “very very shortly,” which adds to a potential anniversary release.
  • Feedback from the Omega-Level Threats are all taken into consideration. He hinted that the next release will show players what they have learned from the past. Especially to give Melee-focused builds more attention.
Black Panther's abilities in Marvel's Avengers revealed in new video -  Polygon
  • They briefly touched on the new Horde Mode and that they are looking into feedback. So, there’s a chance it might get built upon and turn into a brand new game mode. He even hinted there are many other elements that could get expanded in the future.
  • Gear 2.0 will continue to rollout. They’re working on a lot of different things and these elements also connect to recent developments, such as the rumored cosmetic rework, and the expansion with loadouts.
  • He was very coy on the potential inclusion of a Wakanda faction. He said it was a possibility and well-suited for it, but there hasn’t been any announcement so far.
How to complete The Panther King Black Panther Heroic Mission Chain in Marvel's  Avengers | Gamepur
  • So, one thing they would love to do is introduce live event elements into the game. They want people to find Easter eggs and theorize what it might mean for the future. So, perhaps it’s an element they’ll include in special game modes like the upcoming Patrol Mode.
  • Join in Session functions is something they haven’t announced yet but want to look into moving forward.

Marvel’s Avengers anniversary is just around the corner. So, it would be the perfect time to announce the various additions heading our way for the second year, or at least until the end of 2021. It seems likely, as they’ve repeatedly confirmed Spider-Man will get released this year, that we’ll get his official release date once that very roadmap drops.

Source: Twitch

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