‘Marvel’s Avengers’ First Footage of Black Panther Gameplay Teases King-Worthy Combat

black panther gameplay

It’s been a long wait for the release of Black Panther on Marvel’s Avengers. It’s been teased since the game’s launch but went silent after the game fought its way through a rough launch. As we’re only a few days away, many outlets revealed quite a bit of footage and information for the upcoming expansion. It’s our first look at the character in action and includes a closer look at the gorgeous Wakandan biome that’ll get introduced in the War for Wakanda storyline. IGN shared a video with him in action, which you can check out here:

The first confirmation is that Black Panther will indeed use his iconic Vibranium daggers to take out enemies from a distance. Your intrinsic meter also allows you to unleash kinetic energy, which is inspired by the MCU’s Black Panther film. His move set seems quite deeper than that of the other heroes, which continues Crystal Dynamics’ artistry of realizing every Avengers’ unique attributes. The expansion also comes with brand new missions and objectives to add much-needed variety to the game.

The heroics are also quite interesting, as they include you summoning the Panther god Bast, throw Komoyo beads at your enemies, and a spear that pins up to three enemies. You’re character also can pounce at enemies to get in close. GameRant revealed you can even unlock an ability to climb on larger enemies to take them down. They also tease some amazing sounding upgrades to existing abilities that might even allow you to summon the Dora Milaje to your side.

Black Panther

So, Black Panther’s DLC sounds quite promising and we’ll get a full two-hour War Table next Monday. CD has confirmed we shouldn’t expect the Omega-Level Threat with the expansion, but it will follow based on feedback from Family Reunion. It also seems like Spider-Man has once again been confirmed to release in 2021. Plus, the recent coverage also confirmed Crossbone’s inclusion in the DLC. All of this alongside the complete UI overhaul could tease a bright future for the game.

Source: YouTube, GameRant, black panther gameplay

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