‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Hawkeye Voice Leaked

So, after dissecting the Marvel’s Avengers player base claim that has been going around, which you can find by clicking here, it looks like we got a new leak that teases more of the work that Crystal Dynamics has been working on. Just recently, data miner @mmmmmmmmiller had leaked an update on their work for Black Panther. Now, he also revealed our first listen to Giacomo Gianniotti‘s voice as Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye. So far, he is the second confirmed character that was going to release shortly after Kate Bishop. Given the current delays, it is unclear when we will have a chance to play as the titular character. Still, it is nice to hear the voice and a reference to his background in the circus.

We still do not know much about where the game is heading with their DLC characters. Right now, the best orientation point for future content would be to keep an eye out for the War Table, which hopefully will give us a tease of where the story is heading. I think right now, the best move Crystal Dynamics can do is to surprise its players. They may have a crazy story planned, which is why we saw the addition of Tachyon Rifts. These new mission styles did sadly not include a brand new mission string but did add a new level of gameplay.

Plus, the concept of time-altering rifts is a great way to introduce a unique storyline that may twist our expectations with A.I.M. The Marvel universe has a lot to offer, and slowly seeing this story evolve around that could be quite the journey similar to when Iron Man just started the franchise. Right now, it feels closer to the same experience I had with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which had a rocky start but managed to change into a unique sector with the Marvel brand.

Source: Twitter, Vocaroo, GameRant

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