‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Next-Gen Release Might Be Around the Corner

marvel avengers next gen

We are only a week away from the new Marvel’s Avengers Deep Dive showcase. Crystal Dynamics will get a chance to highlight their next DLC character, Clint Barton. We’ve been anxiously expecting his reveal, especially after his protégé took over as the first new character. Luckily, they also confirmed that we will get our first showcase of the next-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The only question that remains is when we can expect both updates after the reveal next Tuesday. Well, it seems that perhaps it is sooner rather than later. It seems that the trophies for the game’s PlayStation 5 version have already been made available, which hints at the release being potentially around the corner.

When this information is made available online, they seem to commonly hint at the game releasing a few weeks later. Yet, keep in mind this is not an official confirmation in any way. We will get the official release date once the next War Table video is released. The question is also if the plan is to release alongside their next DLC character. Hawkeye is getting a lot of attention with tweets on his comic history and a showcase of the new Wasteland biome by the developers. It would make sense to promote the next-generation update alongside their latest hero. Hawkeye was in high-demand that they even created a petition. Now, we are only a few days away from our first look at him in action and his different abilities. Here’s hoping the wait afterward isn’t too long and we get to try him out in all his glory.

Source: GameRant, Change

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